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Employee of the Month

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Isha Bhagel

Working at ORAD has been a really different and special experience for me. I feel respected and valued for what I bring to the firm. The flexibility to attend to family matters if necessary and the encouragement to come up with my own ideas and to provide input to the team is very important to me. I know that I can personally call the CEO at any time when I had issues or concerns to raise and that the team would try their best to fix the problem. You don’t have to depend on anyone to give you.

Month: October 2020

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Abhilash Nandy

Even though I've worked with 2 reputable companies in their sales team, my brief association with ORAD was refreshingly different as here I had the opportunity to work in my own style while Prashant and his core team proactively provided all the necessary support to carry out my work effectively. The work here has a great learning curve and is extremely useful for freshers, who would greatly benefit from the industry exposure and the constant guidance provided by the core team.

Month: August

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Makshu Attri

Working at ORAD has been a great experience for me. I was always valued for my thoughts and ideas. Also, I was encouraged by everyone for whatever I brought to the association. I have always loved to explore something new and interesting.So working here with professionals gave me an opportunity to learn and grow every single day. I personally believe, working at ORAD enhanced my personal growth and experience. So I can say that my journey with ORAD has been authentic as I enjoyed what

Month: September 2020