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ORAD consultancy is a unique initiative for spoken English training where we conduct one- on-one classes customised to the students’ requirements. Instead of plainly teaching English, we help the students think in English through real-life observation, experimentation, and constant practice.
Working at ORAD is just as unique as is the vision of the company. Working here is more than just work – it’s a team effort towards creating something new, it’s a platform for aspiring innovative minds.

Why join Us:

    • Experience a friendly and inclusive work-environment:

All our employees in ORAD, including the management, work towards the same goal, without any particular hierarchical structure. We believe in keeping an open mind and involving everyone’s ideas in the work, equally. With us, you experience a diverse and inclusive work culture where your voice is not just heard rather it’s considered important.

    • Balance your work and your life:

Here you have the freedom of working from home and hence you can leverage it to work from absolutely anywhere in the world. Also, we choose seek quality and professionalism from your work, over binding you with work hours. Whether you’re a night owl or an early bird – you can balance your work and life completely at your comfort.

    • Experience the flexibility in career field:

If you have multiple talents, with us, you are welcome to use all of them to the max. We offer you a flexible career path where you have the choice of moving in and out of various career fields, work in different projects, and thus explore your potential as much as you wish to optimise.

    • We believe in making your creative wings fly:

In ORAD you don’t just fulfil your specific job responsibilities, we encourage you to let your creative juices flow and think out of the box wherever possible. Here you work with other highly creative people and can have brainstorming sessions with them whenever you want, learning from it all.

    • Learn and make your career grow:

Meet some of the best minds from various fields with us – talk about ideas, solve problems, learn from their expertise and experience, and make your career grow, in the field of your choice. In ORAD, we offer you an upward learning curve that is not easy to avail anywhere else.


Develop the spoken English and personal grooming capabilities of our clients every day.

Your role will require you to

  • Use your knowledge and expertise in English and in your particular field of work to interact and analyse our clients, design a course structure customised for each student, and tutor them regularly to help them achieve their desired objectives
  • Conduct group discussions and resume-writing sessions as per requirement by our partner institutions
  • Make PPT for students and classes
  • Conduct regular assessments to gauge the progress of the student
  • Work with a diverse team of trainers to continuously upgrade the teaching methodology to make it a better learning experience for our students

In You We Seek

  • Qualifications (Degree, pedigree, work ex etc.)
  • Soft skills (excellent communication, patient and friendly, etc.)
  • Experience (formal or informal teaching experience, etc.)


Expand our clientele by reaching out to people from all across the country in need of assistance.

Your role will be to

  • Generate prospect list by leveraging present clients and connections with schools, colleges and organization
  • Connect with individuals, principals, deans and placement teams, and inform the about our service and offerings
  • Develop long-term partnerships with various educational institutions
  • Help clients throughout the entire process of enrolment
  • Work with your teammates in Business Development to devise an expansion plan and sales strategy

We are looking for

  • Qualifications (Degree, pedigree, work ex etc.)
  • Soft skills (excellent communication, patient and friendly, etc.)


Increase the digital footprint of ORAD by expanding the social media presence on various platforms

Your role will be to

  • Understand current trends and develop appropriate content for social media platforms
  • Manage our social media pages and engage with our subscribers
  • Participate in various discussion platforms like Quora
  • Work with the BD team to drive the marketing and expansion plan

We are looking for

  • Qualifications list (Degree, pedigree, work ex etc.)
  • Soft skills (excellent communication, patience, friendly, etc.)

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