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ORAD consultancy is the pioneer customised and personalised spoken English services using audio call. We provide Spoken English classes and one-to-one practice sessions for personal grooming and personality development. Our brand name “ORAD” indicates to aid individual create a new aura within themselves by boosting their English fluency.

Backed by a world-class team of academic and professional experts, our mission is to aid individuals articulate their thoughts in English language effortlessly and make them confident enough to speak in public, face to face job interviews or travel to any English-speaking country.

Specialized English Courses for Personal Goals

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General English
(Beginner level)


Original Price: Rs. 4500 / month

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Business English
(Intermediate level)


Original Price: Rs. 5400 / month

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Travel English
(Advanced level)


Price: Rs. 8500/ month

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Not Only Speak But Also Think in English

Orad Services

  • Specialized courses and one-on-one practice sessions
  • Easily Accessible
  • 24-hour online customer support via call, email and live chat
  • Promising progress in your speaking skills
  • Learn through free flowing conversation with open room to make mistakes

Who can join the Course?

Orad Spoken English courses and personalized services are designed to cater to everyone’s English speaking needs. You may be a housewife, school teacher, college/school student, job seeker, working professional, entrepreneur, or anyone who wants to learn Spoken English.

Course Structure

  • Basic introductory sessions on English(grammar)
  • one-to-one conversation on most commonly used topics(as per specialized courses)
  • Discussions with personal trainer
  • Personal grooming tips
  • Public speaking sessions

What our Clients say

When I moved to a bigger city for higher studies, language was one of the biggest barrier so I joined this course. It's most unique feature is that they provide you with a personal trainer . I have literally experienced that having a personal trainer by your side with whom you can communicate and learn at the same time makes you feel more comfortable and it also boost up our confidence level . So with my trainer  I used to feel very comfortable and I knew I can ask her any doubt or share anything without any hesitation . For the first few days when I joined this course lack of confidence was a problem and I was unable to speak fluently but my trainer boosted up my confidence level and made me a better speaker. Orad provided me a warm and a straight forward trainer. So I would recommend all the people who belong to rural areas and don't have the platform to learn spoken English to join Orad . It is a platform where they not only make you learn things but also make you a better speaker in their own unique and interesting way .
Urmila Sharma


Our team of trainers are experts in teaching spoken English. We provide you highly experienced professionals from interdisciplinary backgrounds and qualified individuals from world’s premier institutions.

All our trainers are qualified from world’s premier English-medium institutions and are experts in teaching basic English, business English, IELTS/TOEFL, etc.

The teacher for each student of us is matched through a specialized process based on the requirements of the student. However, if you opt for Travel English(advanced course), you can choose your trainer based on your country preference (from US, UK, Canada or Australia).

Usually we assign one trainer to a person. However if you are dissatisfied or your time constraints do not match with the time availablity of the trainer. We give the flexibility to choose from our vast range of trainers that can be worked on mutual convenience of the student and the trainer.

Yes, only one trainer will be assigned to deliver all sessions. However, we offer you the flexibility to change the trainer if you want to.

Yes, you can get the same trainer if you asked for and if you want to change, you can ask for the same right then.

Fluency, sentence formation, pronunciation and better listening skills which will help you to understand and speak English better in day-to-day conversations.

If you know even around 100 words in English and know some basic grammar, you have the potential to become fluent in English in 3 months, naturally and effortlessly.

We teach grammar but our method of teaching is very different from the traditional way of teaching. Our focus is to help you improve spoken English naturally and effortlessly, without having to process grammar rules in your head. Our trainers (Conversation Partners) will give valuable feedback and corrections of grammar with minimum interruptions. Changes do happen. Even if you have lesson plans and study schedules, home school is a new scenario for many. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Allow time to adjust.

Yes. We can provide you a personal trainer who can teach TOEFL/IELTS speaking lessons, mock questions for practice, etc. These classes will help you speak English fluently, correctly and clearly during the exam and even after. Our lessons will help you understand Native English Speakers better, which will help you score higher in TOEFL/IELTS listening sections as well. You will also get an exposure of an English speaking country’s culture and lifestyle.

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You will be suggested a course based on your response, purpose to learn spoken English and level of practice you need. Accordingly, a personal trainer will also be assigned to you. Your course content will be personalized and designed in a way that suits your needs and interests suggested by you.

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Learn spoken English over call within a short span of time! Through one-to-one and real – time conversations, you can learn in the fastest and easiest way possible.